Creative Juices for Writers

Creativity. Process. Story craft. In Creative Juices for Writers, fiction and nonfiction writers will find effective how-to’s for habits and craft packaged in snackable content. This quirky hybrid book—half instruction and half application—will energize writers who want to deepen story craft and improve writing process. Brief explanations, examples, and exercises offer strategic support for improving … Continue reading Creative Juices for Writers

The Surface of Water: A Novel

Pastor Matthew Goodman has it all: a ten-thousand member megachurch, a flourishing broadcast ministry, international influence. His charisma fills the seats at Chicago’s Calvary Community Church. But when outside his office window flashes the white wings of a gull, he looks around his suite. What is this about? Behind him sits Trish Card, whom he … Continue reading The Surface of Water: A Novel

A Thousand Wings of LIght: A Sequel

Pastor Goodman’s startling revelation shoots shock waves into the lives of Trish Card, Jonathan Goodman and Andrés, who grapple to find a new way. How can each finally be reconciled to others’ destructive choices—and renew forgiveness and love? (Coming 2024)