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Artful story craft. Perennial human issues. Authentic spiritual growth. These passions drive us forward as writers and as a publishers. These values also characterize the offerings, both fiction and nonfiction, from Soul Seasons Publishing by Design.


Creativity. Process. Story Craft.

In Creative Juices, fiction and nonfiction writers will find effective how-to’s for writing habits and craft packaged in snackable content:

  • care for creativity and wounds
  • shape an effective writing game plan
  • master showing and craft tools

Brief explanations, examples and exercises offer strategic support.
Available March, 2019

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The Surface of Water

Pastor Matthew Goodman has it all: a ten-thousand member megachurch, a flourishing broadcast ministry, international influence. His charisma fills the seats at Chicago’s Calvary Community Church. But when outside his office window flashes the white wings of a gull, he looks around his suite. What is this about? Behind him sits Trish Card, whom he will hire as his assistant. He turns. Her somber eyes—beautiful and lake-clear—watch him. What he doesn’t know about Trish and her true reason for appearing will alter his world irrevocably. (Soul Seasons, 2020; InterVarsity, 2023).


“The Surface of Water is a complex, richly-interwoven story exploring the subtle—and not so subtle—allures of power and wealth.” Gary D. Schmidt, Newbery Honor, Okay for Now, The Wednesday Wars

“Trust Cynthia Beach to weave a good story, create authentic characters and challenge the reader to greater wisdom and compassion. I hope to see more stories as honest as this one.” Vinita Hampton Wright, The Soul Tells a Story

“An intelligent and worthy novel!” Hugh Cook, literary fiction writer

“Pastor Goodman presents readers with a new archetype for a pastor. The ending is one that I will think about for some time.” Bruce Holland Rogers, Pushcart Award winner