Why Journaling & Mentors Matter in the Writing Life

Joining me today is memorist Laura Hartema talking about how journaling and mentoring helped create her book, Bering Sea Strong, a story about lessons gained while on a fishing vessel.

Q: You write in your book, Bering Sea Strongthat you often journaled. What role did journaling play in supporting your desire to write a book? What benefits did you find in journaling? Any tips or preferences?

A: Journal writing is our most sincere, raw, and vulnerable. It represents our truth, who we are, what we feel, and how we see the world and our experiences. Our journal is our friendly audience, our best friend, in full support, so we pour “us” out unguarded and uninhibited. It is how our rough drafts should be, without self-criticism and regard to who reads it. Journaling will help you develop that one thing that only you can bring to audiences–your voice.

My book started with me rereading my Bering Sea experiences in my journal. The ink was blurring, and I didn’t want to lose those memories. So, I typed the pages of my time at sea. The scenery was vivid. The dialogue was real. The details were captured in the moment. I started sharing these bizarre, humorous and challenging experiences with people. I kept hearing messages, “Wow, you should write a book.”  So I did. I didn’t know how to write a book, but I learned.

When we journal we may begin writing about one thing, and in the end, it’s about something else. Let your drafts flow like that, not knowing where it leads. You won’t use most of it, but oh, ten percent will be the magic. What you cut isn’t wasted. It is part of the process in pulling out your fantastic story.

Q: You also mentioned in your acknowledgments writer Leslie Leyland Fields and instructor Theo Nestor for their role as mentors. What did having mentors give your writing journey? How did you find these mentors?

A: Mentors will come. It will be a teacher. Someone in a critique group. A writer you admire. You will want a lot of their time, but often their valuable advice will come in nuggets when you yearn for the entire gold bar.

You have to stay determined. Put the energy out there. The further you go down your writing path, the more you will learn and grow, and the more people you will encounter–lovely, gracious folks who will inspire you and help you. I sought out Leslie after reading one of her books. Theo led a critique group of mine. I paid each of them at different times to critique my work. I gained valuable nuggets from both of them. Today, Leslie and Theo have authored multiple books and are successful teachers. Writing felt like a solo journey to me, but they inspired me to keep trudging along. And you must. Keep trudging until you write, “The End.”

For more information on Laura Hartema, author of newly released memoir, BERING SEA STRONG:

LoveThisDay Blog/Website




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